Morrison Acceptance Corporation, MAC, was established in 2003 with the goal of creating alternative finance products for the consumer market.


MAC’s first product was sub-prime car loans (leases) and the business grew rapidly. With sales reps on the road MAC built a healthy portfolio but found it difficult to compete as lenders dropped their rates and standards in the year prior to the sub-prime melt down. As a result of MAC’s desire to grow while making smart lending decisions, MAC began looking at acquiring existing companies. What we quickly discovered in the due diligence phase of our acquisition process is that most of the companies we were looking at were suffering from “Lender Fatigue” which related directly to their existing Lenders’ dissatisfaction and often outright distrust of existing Management. MAC found it difficult to value the portfolios and businesses due to obvious endemic fraud and poor record keeping, but what we quickly discovered is that the Lenders liked MAC.

Thus a new business division was born. MAC started running-off troubled Lease Portfolios for Bank Of Nova Scotia, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and several other smaller, boutique Vehicle Finance Lenders. This business was attractive to MAC due to its use of MAC’s sophisticated software systems centered around the processing of payments as well as managing less than prime portfolios.


Today, having wisely sold its “in-house” portfolio in the late summer of 2007 (before the crash) MAC focuses on three key areas: Lending, Portfolio Administration, & Transactional Software Systems. This web site will provide a high level overview of all three areas. We are happy to provide you with additional information by using the contact form in the Contact Us section.