Most of the software that existed was very expensive (designed for Banks) and therefore not very “adjustable” or too simple to run complex portfolios and support the marketing/financing “twists” needed to differentiate lending products. Most software seems like it was designed for a single approach from one perspective and customization is often impossible. Our solution, which relies on our Team's expertise in software development, and our sister company’s coding shop, was to build our own software and make it infinitely adjustable using a modular approach! 

MAC started by building its own back-office software, things just grew from there. MAC built its first Lending Portal in 2004. MAC was also an early adopter of third party portals like Curomax and Dealer Access. Ultimately, MAC has developed lending and asset management software for a variety of companies and has spun off a company, VINLock that has a unique software solution for protecting Lenders’ security positions in Automobiles from fraud and theft.



If you are looking for a Technological solution to a lending problem it's worth taking the time to talk to MAC – we probably don’t have the solution for you “off the shelf” but what we do have is the components and the expertise to quickly assemble a solution that will fit your business like a glove!